Thursday, August 30, 2007

G.A.P. Top 5 Responsible Travel Tips

Travel Light is serious about responsible travel because we feel it's the most fun way you can holiday. Like all our operators G.A.P. Adventures is a poineer of responsible travel and is continuing to do some great work with their Planeterra Foundation. Here are 5 resposible Travel tips from G.A.P Adventures.

Straight from the G.A.P Adventures Sustainable Tourism department, here are 5 quick and easy to-do tips for making yourself a more responsible traveller. Take a look...putting a little effort into your travels so you can be "green" is really easy!

These are 5 of my favourite tips to help everyone reduce their footprint while they are on the road. If you have any "top" tips, why not share them with everyone in our Sustainable / Responsible Travel section of our online forum?

#1 Use rechargeable batteries. Many remote areas don't have proper disposal facilities, so by travelling with rechargeable ones you'll save money and keep thousands of them out of landfills.

#2 Don't pack your "packages". Limit product packaging and bring re-usable containers for things like toiletries rather than one-time use travel size containers, which just add to waste in foreign countries.

#3 Use biodegradable products. Often available at camping or outdoor stores, biodegradable products make a big difference when visiting fragile and pristine parts of the world.

#4 If bringing gifts to a host family, school or community choose items that will have a lasting impact. Items to consider include books or sporting equipment. When bringing items like soccer or basketballs, bring a pump too so that the gear can be enjoyed again and again. Also think about purchasing such items locally to support the economy.

#5 Bring a reusable water bottle. Be sure to fill your own bottle whenever possible and think about bringing purification tablets to reduce waste from plastic, disposable bottles.

Following these simple tips will go a long way to minimizing your "footprint" in foreign countries. Hopefully you found them helpful!

Liz Manning,Sustainable Tourism Assistant G.A.P Adventures

G.A.P Adventures has amazing adventure holidays across the world from Antarctica to Zambia. Travel Light can offer you advice and expert knowledge on any G.A.P. Adventures trip.

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